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Telecom professional for 30+ years, system integrator with experience in Packet Switching, NGN, IP networks, SD-WAN design and build, UCaaS / CCaaS.

Maurice N

I am an accomplished IT specialist with experience in by providing quality & reliable services.

Christine Wairimu

Having being the customer service industry both locally and internationally, I have gained vast experience in maintaining customer satisfaction and retention. I have learnt to work with different nationalities and in different countries majoring on team work and customer relations management. I would like to share my experience here with your...

Muhammad Asfaqul Islam

I have gained my working experience from a variety of roles in primarily small companies where I was required to perform administrative, technological, bookkeeping and marketing tasks. The breadth of responsibilities necessitated a great deal of autonomy through independent research, initiative and self-motivation. Over the past five years, I’...

Shelmith Mwangi

My name is Shelmith. I’m here to help busy business owners manage their calendars, websites, social media accounts and any other administrative tasks remotely. By delegating their administrative tasks to a virtual assistant will also help them become more efficient and effective with their work. It allows them to obtain greater focus in develo...


You will get PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONS that are captivating in 150 - 200 words.

When it comes to making purchases, a client needs to quickly connect with the product and believe that it will solve their current problem. Towards ensuring that a client is engaged righ...


Hello, I am a professional Freelancer. I am expert for * Data Mining * Web Research * Lead Generation * Specific Person's Email finding (Owner/MD/CEO/CFO/CIO/CTO/Staff) * LinkedIn Sales Navigator scraping. I will Provide:   100% Valid Email & Phone Number From Social Media *Targeted Email list ...