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Lucy Jeffrey is the Founder and CEO of Brighton Marketing Corporation which owns the Skills Option. Lucy has been a business owner for over 25 years including owning other successful businesses in Canada. She has also been a banker and a high school teacher in a combined career that spans over 30 years. 

At the height of covid19 pandemic in 2020, Lucy saw so many businesses close and lay off employees Worldwide. She decided to help in a small way by creating an avenue for these employees to re-skill to be self-employed or work for other businesses that may need part-time help.  

Lucy knew that many small business owners were not in a position in the middle of the pandemic to hire on a full-time basis. She thought of a way that businesses Worldwide could have shared virtual resources by hiring for only the hours they needed. She also thought that if someone with relevant skills needed 40 hours a week, they could work for 10 hours part-time for 4 businesses and still achieve the 40 hours weekly goal. Really this noble idea was to give people an OPTION that they desperately needed …… hence the name SKILLS OPTION. This platform is purely an OPTION for those who want to make an extra income by doing freelance work. Freelancers do this type of work as independent contractors so they are not considered employees. Each Freelancer makes their own independent contract with the business owner who needs the services they are offering. Freelancers also have the freedom to set their own rates. (See more on our how it works section).

As a social media trainer, Lucy was already training business owners globally and used extensive services offered by virtual assistants. She knew that other business owners and entrepreneurs would find it beneficial. Some of Lucy’s International Virtual Assistants who have served her businesses for several years are listed on this platform on the freelancer section and she can vouch for them. 

Sign up as either a freelancer, virtual assistant, course creator or business owner/employer to join thousands globally who are finding this platform beneficial. 


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